Review: Italian on a whole new level

PIzzeria Testa offers a variety of authentic Italian foods.

Kasey Harvey

PIzzeria Testa offers a variety of authentic Italian foods.

Kasey Harvey, Guest Contributor

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Pizzeria Testa, a neapolitan restaurant located in Frisco Square on Church Street, tries to bring true Italian traditions to Texas and it succeeds on all levels.

Pizzeria Testa brings all fresh ingredients and traditionally prepares your food. Tipo 00 Flour, San Marzano Tomatoes, and Mozzarella di Buffala is all imported from Italy to bring the taste of its culture to diners with the pizza at Pizzeria Testa “close” to the pizza found in Italy.

Although diners may be confused after seeing a menu written in Italian, it’s all part of the Italian experience with the waiters and waitresses happy to help with any order.

Diners were a bit skeptical at first, since they had never seen anything quite like it. However, when diners took their first bite of the Margherita STG Pizza, it left them wanting more as it instantly became an ultimate favorite. The best part was the scattered fresh basil as it brought a whole new type of flavor to the palate.

There are over 20 different pizzas including red and white sauces to choose from along with salads, calzones, sandwiches, and appetizers.

All pizza is made in a wood-fired oven for 60-90 seconds at 1,000 degrees. Anyone can watch the process at the bar as the chefs cook right in front of you with fresh herbs picked right outside the restaurant at the garden-surrounding patio.

While the margherita pizza was tasty, the design of the building is what could wow diners the most. The bricks are all reclaimed and over 100 years old, the sign over the entrance is handpainted, and all chairs and tables are handcrafted to give a rustic Naples look helping ensure Pizzeria Testa will receive return visits from anyone that dines there.