Service hours become easier for NHS students


Sarah Philips

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Rahmin Jawaid, Staff Reporter

Students hustling around and pouring their hearts out desperately looking for National Honor Society community service jobs are not unusual sights when spring rolls around.

However, that could all change this year with the club’s new Teacher Service Form.

“Last year as the deadline got closer a lot of students went around asking teachers for help,” NHS Historian and senior Julie Kim said. “So we decided why don’t we make that a reality where they can get hours throughout the school year whenever the teachers actually need them.”

The Teacher Service Form is a virtual link through Google Forms sent to all teachers through NHS advisers, Kaitlyn Little and Jennifer Whiffin. Teachers in need of student aid will fill out a form detailing the what, when, how many hours given, and how many people required of the service. NHS officers will then report the needed services to NHS members who will be able to easily sign up.

“Any teacher that wants or needs help, like decorating their room or cleaning up or even sorting out papers, can ask for it and receive the best assistance,” Kim said. “This is for the students that need hours and the teachers that need help.”

Students volunteering for teachers through this program will gain hours that count towards the required minimum of 10 service hours in Frisco ISD.

“It’s a great program for the teachers as well since we can do so much more in our classes if we are able to recruit helpers,” NHS adviser Little said. “It’s another way to establish relationships with students.”

Volunteering and getting service hours at school is expected to be an added convenience for students.

“Even myself my junior year of high school, I didn’t have a vehicle, it was hard me to go to off campus stuff,” Little said. “You’re going here, you’re already here, it’s an easy hour to get.”

NHS officers and advisers hope to instill a stronger sense of community throughout the school with this program, as well as create a more dedicated club.

“To have on campus activities, especially when you’re already here able to arrange things before or after school, is hopefully going to be an incentive to get kids to start getting more involved in the community while getting to know teachers and taking ownership of those hours now rather than later,” Little said. “There’s a two prong benefit to this program, one for the teachers and the second for the students.”