Featured Athlete: Loren Matrone

Sport: Golf | Grade: 12

In just her fourth year of playing golf, senior Loren Matrone is one of the top players on the girls' golf team.

provided by Loren Matrone

In just her fourth year of playing golf, senior Loren Matrone is one of the top players on the girls' golf team.

Years played: “Competitively, I’ve been golfing since before I was a freshman.”

Pre-game meal: Probably oatmeal

Hype song: “Me and my teammate Darby will usually listen to music together to get excited, because you know golf is pretty calm, so we try and like get hype and ready to go, even though you got to stay calm on the course. “

Inspiration: My dad because he played golf in college.”

Future job: “I want to be a cosmetic dentist.”

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about golf?

Matrone: “To me the hardest part is keeping a level head because golf is so unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen, you could get a good break or a bad break, even when you hit a good shot and it sometimes doesn’t work out, so it’s just like staying calm in the moment and just really when you have your good rounds, you know you’re staying calm, and not getting to excited or too upset.”

Wingspan: How do you prepare for a tournament?

Matrone: “The night before I’ll get my bag ready, and make sure I have enough balls and have my scorecard ready and have some snacks for my bag and making sure that everything is in place. The week before I make sure that I have really hard practice sessions and make sure I’m practicing the detail.”

Wingspan: What is your best memory on the golf team?

Matrone: “My best memory is probably getting to play state twice now with one of my good lifelong friends Darby, and just being able to share that experience throughout high school and just being teammates and friends and to play at a competitive level together.”

Wingspan: How have you improved after playing for the school for 4 years?

Matrone: “Freshman year I went as the alternate to state. I had only been playing golf for a year, so I just wasn’t that good, and seeing all the other girls that were older than me play made me play and have really good work ethic made me work harder and I worked my butt off so that I got to play at state next year.”

Wingspan: How is the team preparing you to go to state this year?

Matrone: “The goal is not really to go to state, but it’s to win state. We have a really good chance this year, a lot of the teams that were really competitive moved up to 6A, or lost their star players, and so we have five girls that have played in the state tournament at least once, so we feel really excited, we know what to expect.”