Featured Athlete: James Wheeler

Sport: Hockey | Grade: 12

Senior James Wheeler plays for the Frisco Ice Hockey Association .

James Wheeler

Senior James Wheeler plays for the Frisco Ice Hockey Association .

Wingspan: How long have you been playing hockey, and why did you decide to start?

Wheeler: “Probably about 11 years and because my entire family plays. My dad is from New York, so.

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing about playing hockey?

Wheeler: “Just being able to play with four other guys and just working all together.”

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about playing hockey?

Wheeler: “The hardest part is just staying on the same page as everyone, because everyone does different things at different points so you just have to read and react.”

Wingspan: What is it like playing on Frisco’s team, and having teammates from other schools?

Wheeler: “It’d really  a great experience to meet a bunch of other guys from other school and work together  and form a great team.”

Wingspan: What was it like to be able to finally beat McKinney and become state champs?

Wheeler: “It’s just really big, we’ve been working for that for the past three years and it’s final paid off.”

Wingspan: How do you feel the team is going to do at the national tournament?

Wheeler: “I feel pretty confident since last year we had a pretty good showing I hope we can do better this year.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on furthering your hockey career in college?

Wheeler: “Yes, I hope to play at the University of Arkansas.”