Review: Hurts Donut Co.

Hurts Donut's new Frisco location is attracting a lot of enthusiastic customers.

Lucas Barr

Hurts Donut's new Frisco location is attracting a lot of enthusiastic customers.

Lucas Barr, Staff Reporter

It’s time to move aside Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts, Frisco’s new Hurts Donut Co. on Main Street is taking the city by storm with lengthy lines a regular sight since opening day on January 25.

The newest location of the small chain, which got its start in Springfield, MO, makes 70 varieties of donuts and is open 25/8. No, really, that’s what it says on their window.

But be warned, these are not your normal donuts. Hurts’ oversized creations come in a variety of colorful decorations and are also a feast for the eyes. There are orginal options from Snickers to pink lemonade and even donuts named after movies (E.T.) and TV shows (Fred Flintstone).

Hurts Donut Co. has options for everyone and even a donut with maple syrup and bacon for those searching for a breakfast meal. They even have a cookie monster themed donut with blue icing, sugar eyes, and crumbled oreos. The boom the shop is experiencing is well justified and the word “plain” is obviously not in their vocabulary.

Also featured are American classics such as apple pie donuts and peanut butter & jelly. Crazy combinations like Oreo cheesecake donut can be found as well as specialty donuts such as the Badonka Donut, a donut inside of a donut.

The donuts are delicious and are much more cake-like and dense than an average donut with all the donuts leaning towards the sweet end of the spectrum.

Hurts Donut Co. has a very fresh, modern look and is for sure the largest donut shop ever seen. With a gigantic sign and interesting posters on the wall, to plenty of tables, and enormous fridges loaded with milk and other beverages, the new store is sure to be an exciting experience for those who have never been to an enormous donut shop.

The best bet would be the Hurt’s Dozen. A great deal at $12, it consists of 12 donuts chosen for you, enabling customers to get a taste of the different donuts they sell. Customers can also buy a dozen donuts of their choice at the price of $15.

For those looking for a sweet snack, or those seeking to go crazy with endless dozens of donuts, Hurts Donut Co. offers a great experience and amazing donuts. Their many creations are fun, delicious and sure to not disappoint.