Trail of hail

Severe storms with large hail and strong winds rolled through the area Sunday night leaving a trail of damage. Collin County was under a severe thunderstorm watch beginning in the early evening with it changing to a severe thunderstorm warning for Frisco and other cities in Collin County.

“We were actually getting ready to put our kids to bed when I opened our back to door to check out the hail and heard the severe weather sirens,” journalism teacher Brian Higgins said. “I instantly shut the door and went to the closet in our bedroom where my wife and kids were.”

Wade Glover
The back window of sophomore Milana Skoblionok’s car was shattered from hail during Sunday’s storm.

Hail pummeled many areas north of 121 with chunks of ice damaging homes, fences and cars.

“My car was outside, but I wasn’t home,” sophomore Milana Skoblionok said. “By the time I got home, it was too late. It has dents on the top of the car, and the back windshield, I can’t even see through it’s all broken. I am going to have to get a rental car so they can fix it.”

Numerous students took to social media to document the size of hail at their house with junior Keegan Williams getting some media attention for one of her videos.

“I got to school this morning and everyone said ‘oh Keegan I saw you on the news this morning’,” Williams said. “My mom texted me the video, she videoed when I was on the TV- and I thought it was so cool to be on the TV juggling and Pete Delkus knows my name.”