PreAP and AP drop forms available


Marisa Uddin

PreAp and AP semester drop forms are now available in the counselors office and must be submitted by 12:40 p.m. on Thursday.

Aaron Boehmer, Guest Contributor

The end of the first six week grading period is Friday and with that comes the first opportunity for students to drop Pre-AP or AP courses with drop forms due to the counselor’s office Thursday by 12:40 p.m.

“Students need to make sure they follow all steps in order,” lead counselor Stefanie Mueller said. “Completing the form out of order may render it void. Thus we encourage students not wait until the last minute to complete the process.”

Although a student may want to drop a class, the decision must be agreed upon by the student, parent, and their teacher.

“I think students should stick with Pre-AP or AP for a couple of reasons. It pushes them academically as well as when you think about the future and what they’re going to do as far as a career,” biology teacher Christina Chong said. “In college, it’s good you have that background.”  

Another source that can be used to find information concerning dropping classes is found in the FISD 2017-18 High School Academic Guide.  

“Pre-AP/AP classes are the only classes that may be dropped at the end of the 1st six weeks grading period of a course or at the end of the semester,” page nine of the guide reads.

If an AP or PAP course is dropped, the student will be placed in an on-level version of that class.

After all required steps to drop a course are completed and approved, students will receive their new schedules in class.