Prachurjya Shreya

Artistic Expressions: volume 4

The thoughts, feelings and inspirations of student artists

Hundreds of students on campus take part in the many fine arts courses offered at school and each week Wingspan profiles one such student in this weekly feature.

Saahithi Joopelli

Prachurjya Shreya, Staff Reporter

Grade: 11th Instrument: Violin Future college: undecided Future Job: Engineering Years Playing: 6 Inspiration: Just wanted to join orchestra   Wingspan: What made you choose the violin? “It was the only instrument in orchestra that I had heard of.” Wingspan: When did you learn of your interest in music? Joopelli: “In 5th grade.” Wingspan: When did you discov...

Noah Kim
Reuben Mathews
Emma Krilowicz
Tay Nguyen
Lauren Kim
Grace Raber
Victoria Gong
Shane Bugni
Nandika Chirala
Christopher Yu
Jessica Gordon

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