Former Redhawk shines on and off the field


Former Redhawk Udgam Goyal was recently named D3 Football Academic All-America of the Year.

Former Redhawk spreads his wings earning the Academic All-America Honors and was named D3 Football Academic All-America of the Year. Graduating in 2015, Udgam Goyal’s football career stretched beyond high school playing at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a quarterback in his junior year.

“I feel super thankful and blessed,” Goyal said. “I’m very fortunate to have family, friends, teammates, and coaches who support me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without all of them, so I just feel very thankful. We as a team were working towards a conference championship this year. This award ended up being a consequence of my team doing a great job of making me look good honestly.”

I’m very fortunate to have family, friends, teammates, and coaches who support me every step of the way,”

— Udgam Goyal

Offensive Coordinator Matt Swinnea got a special glimpse into Goyal’s life as his football coach and teacher. His achievements, however, are far from shocking.

“It’s great because around here we want our athletes to be student athletes and it’s awesome to be able to have someone like Udgam to show to everyone else that not only can it be done but it can be done at the highest level,” Swinnea said. “One thing not to be lost about him was that he was the student body president, he was an athlete, he was a great student, and he loved life. To be at MIT and to be excelling academically, that’s awesome.”

Not only does this affect Goyal, but the many athletes hoping to follow in his footsteps.

After playing quarterback for the school his senior year, Goyal continued his athletic career at MIT.

“Realization that people who graduate from here can do great things if they set their mind to it,” athletic director Chris Burtch said. “It’s not just a dream, there is a guy who did it who played on our football team, graduated from our high school, walked the hallways, ate in the cafeteria and did all the things that every other student does. You just have to apply yourself and work hard.”

Holding a 3.92 GPA, majoring in computer science, and starting nine games for MIT, Goyal can see how far he’s come.  

“I didn’t think this would be possible at all in high school, but I realize now just how much Liberty, both academically and athletically, prepared me,” Goyal said. “I think this will just drive me to be even better next year individually and push me to help my team win our conference championship next year.”