Runners get bling in the shape of rings


Perry Mellone

Receiving their 5A state championship rings, the girls’ cross country team is the first in school history to win a state title.

Kasey Harvey, Sports Editor

The first team in school history to win a state championship received their championship bling Wednesday as the girls’ cross country team received their state rings Wednesday after school in the library.

“A state championship is something that every high school athlete and coach works toward their entire career,” girls cross country coach Amanda Zambiasi said. “It’s a great honor and I’m very proud of them.”

Although other teams have come close to a state title, the girls’ made school history when they brought home the 5A title in November.

“It feels awesome,” sophomore Amelia Jauregui said. “For our team to accomplish something that most people never do is just unbelievable. We put so much time and effort into our training that it’s so cool getting rewarded for it.”

For senior Carrie Fish, this will end her high school cross country career and serve as a send off to Texas A&M in the fall.

“Once you see the ring, you’ll just always remember the moment that you won and all the excitement and energy that went towards that goal,” Fish said. “You’ll never forget that moment. Everybody crying and screaming, it’s just a memory.”