Swinging for the playoffs, softball seeks first postseason berth


provided by Laurel Glatch

Softball took on Lebanon on Wednesday night. The team lost 13-3.

Kasey Harvey, Sports Editor

Since the school’s opening in 2006, softball has yet to advance to the playoffs, making every year a fight to break school history. Currently tied for 5th place after Friday’s 12-6 win over Heritage, with two games remaining, softball needs to be in the top four to secure their spot.

“It’s really important and this is definitely the year to make sure it happens,” senior Erica Schlaegel said. “It’s really exciting. I’m a senior, so it’s really exciting for us to leave a legacy as the first group to make playoffs.”

The Redhawks will take on Frisco on Tuesday and Reedy on Friday for their final two games. However, after losing to Reedy 4-3 in March, Friday’s game will also serve as their shot at redemption.

“We’ve been working on hitting a lot and of course fielding just to make sure we can make no errors,” junior Riley Bridge said. “We need to win at least once I think. Friday, we play Reedy and we lost to them last time so that’s a little nerve wracking but I think we should win.”

Knowing they are on the verge of making the playoffs, the team is buckling down in the hope of playing beyond Friday.

“We’ve been working really hard in practice,” Schlaegel said. “We want to make sure we go out. We have a game tomorrow night against Frisco and they had a good game this weekend. We need to make sure that we stay focused.”