Davis signs to play for Trinity University


Kasey Harvey, Sports Editor

The spring signing season continued Tuesday morning with senior soccer player Kyle Davis committing to Trinity University in San Antonio. Wingspan Sports Editor Kasey Harvey sat down with Davis to get his thoughts about his decision.

Wingspan: What are you feeling right now?

Davis: “It feels pretty cool that all my friends came. I committed like a week ago so I already knew it was happening. I didn’t think it was going to be as exciting as it was. All my friends here supporting is kind of awesome.”

Wingspan: Why did you pick Trinity University?

Davis: “It’s a really really good school. They say they play a peaceful game and that’s what I want to do. They have connections to some pros. Hopefully in the future I can go to the next level.”

Wingspan: How long have you been playing soccer?

Davis: “Since I was four years old.”

Wingspan: How have you been working towards this goal?

Davis: “Ever since I was young, I joined club teams. When it came to joining the club team which is a higher level soccer. You can’t play high school so that’s what I did for my first two years. Then I played for half of the year in academy and then joined school. My coach didn’t really help me with college commitment so I did most of the work. Because of that, I thought I’ll just go play high school. I was talking to Trinity since my freshman or sophomore year. ”

Wingspan: What other school were you thinking about?

Davis: “I was talking to Brown, Princeton, there’s a lot. I went to a lot of camps and that’s what I have to do to get out there.”

Wingspan: What fuels your passion to play?

Davis: “Just the level of the game. Whenever you play, you just have this certain euphoria of you, this competitiveness, this urge of the game just all of it together, it’s beautiful.”

Wingspan: Next year, you’ll have a new set of teammates and coaches, so what will that transition be like?

Davis: “I went to one of their camps. The coaches are pretty good and I actually know some of the players there and I’ve met some players there. They’re are pretty chill and I think the chemistry is going to be good. They are really friendly.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting from being a college athlete?

Davis: “I’m expecting it to be a lot of hard work. Not a lot of free time but hopefully some free time. I’m just going to have to grind.”