Sprinting to North Carolina


Roy Nitzan

Track athlete, Christian Palmer signing his contract to USC at Charlotte on Tuesday morning.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

With the clock ticking for signing a letter of intent, senior Christian Palmer committed to University of North Carolina Charlotte on Tuesday morning. Palmer sat down with Wingspan Editor-in-chief Kasey Harvey to discuss his plans after high school.

Wingspan: Why did you pick the University of North Carolina Charlotte?

Palmer: “A lot of my family lives in North Carolina so that really drew me to the area initially. The school has a really good program and academically and athletically they just had what I was looking for.”

Wingspan: What other schools were you contemplating?

Palmer: “I was thinking about Liberty University, Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; All the schools in that area. Really it was just talking to the coaches and just figuring out which school really had what I was looking for.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting from being a college athlete?

Palmer: “I’m expecting to have a lot more workload academically and athletically. That’ll work together to make a responsible person. Just looking to work a lot harder to succeed.”

Wingspan: How do you think high school prepared you for that?

Palmer: “Definitely, just the coaches I had. They pushed me to my limits and that’s what you need to be able to do to compete at a college level. They just prepared me to work hard.”

Wingspan: Are you wanting to run after college?

Palmer: “I’m not sure. I’ll find out whenever the end of college comes. But for now, all I can look at is what I can do in the next couple years afterwards.”

Wingspan: What are you planning on studying?

Palmer: “I am planning on studying psychology. I’m also taking pre medical classes. I’d like to be a doctor; That’s my long term goal.”