StuCo reaches out with advisory club forum


Melody Tavallaee

Throughout the school, club flyers line the walls on campus.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-Chief

For representatives of student organizations on campus, Student Council is hosting a club forum Thursday during advisory to discuss collaboration with representatives from various student organizations.

“We’re hoping to get a wide variety of clubs together to discuss campus culture, spirit ideas, charity events, and more,” Student Council vice president Amna Haque said. “Student Council holds club forums so that we are constantly communicating with the clubs at Liberty.”

Representatives from all campus clubs were invited to collaborate with Student Council to make their organization successful.

“As an organization that is dedicated to assisting those at our school, we make it a priority to support their requests and suggestions,” Haque said. “We want to use our resources to give back to the student body.”

Through offering resources, publicity, and help organizing, StuCo is taking a more involved role in the campus’ dozens of clubs.

“This will benefit clubs because you will get the chance to express your particular needs to another organization that has the tools and capabilities to help you create a successful atmosphere for your members,” club forum coordinator Madalyn Roehrig said via text message. “I emailed as many sponsors I could find, but everyone who leads a club/sponsors a club should really consider coming because it is truly to help you guys.”

Best Buddies’ campus president Sarah Kleyman appreciates the opportunity to reach out and receive resources.

“We have a lot of trouble getting colored flyers, and I’m sure StuCo has connections with that,” Kleyman said. “When we have faded black and white flyers, I don’t think that’s as effective. I’m looking forward to recruiting new members and just getting the word out about the organization and what we do.”