Band marches to The Star in perpetual motion


Melody Tavallaee

Band will be heading to The Star to play in FISD’s third annual Marching Band Showcase Tuesday from 7–9:30 p.m.

Abby Wang, Guest Contributor

Practicing since the summer, all 10 Frisco ISD high school bands will perform their prepared competition pieces at FISD’s third annual Marching Band Showcase Tuesday from 7–9:30 p.m. at the Ford Center at The Star.

“I think one of the greatest things the students get out of it is an audience that is dedicated to watching marching band, they aren’t there for the football, it’s all about the bands, the reception that the band receives from the audience will be unparalleled to anything they do elsewhere, that’s the first thing,” band director Jamie Weaver said. “The second thing they get is the opportunity to watch other bands in Frisco, which rarely happens apart from football games. The third thing is the district always hires other directors and designers from outside of the area to come in and give feedback.”

Each band is given approximately 15 minutes to perform their competition piece and then watches the other bands perform.

Watching other bands perform and receiving feedback aren’t the only things the showcase is for.

“It is all about community,” FISD Fine Arts Director Preston Hazzard said via email. “It is about showcasing the incredible talent, passion, and persistence exhibited by our marching band students. This is an opportunity for the community of Frisco ISD to see the impact that an immersive and integrated robust fine arts education can have on the life of a child. This is a celebration of all things great in FISD.”

This year’s theme for the Redhawk band and color guard is “Perpetual Motion.”

“The marching band and color guard consistently move,” Weaver said. “So, as you watch the show, the set is designed to constantly move and have things that signify constant motion.”

After performing, schools receive recorded comments from the judges which can be used for to prepare for Saturday’s Band of America Marching Championship in Dallas.

“It pushes us to be better,” sophomore Kimberly Nguyen said. “You can always improve. It depends on how much effort and work you put into it and where you are willing to rank yourself.”