Outdated flyers line the school


Prachurjya Shreya

Outdated FFA flyers stand out on campus featuring information of past events. However, this is one of many to be left up days or even weeks after an event.

Ashvita Girish, Guest Contributor

There are numerous clubs and extracurricular activities on campus that students are interested in joining, and they often come to know about them through flyers, but some students may get stumped because many of the flyers are out of date.  

“People might be like ‘Oh I missed the meeting, when’s the next meeting’ and so if the date is last weeks club meeting then they might be curious,” freshman Lalana Karri said. “They might be wondering if the meeting is on the same day the next week.”

Fliers are often put up by club members and are also supposed to be removed by them.

“Usually the club president or his officers are in charge of putting up the flyers,” Computer Science club sponsor Bryan Bunn said. “The officers are also incharge of taking them down.”

Outdated flyers can be detrimental to joining a club as students may not have access to the right details.

“If you want someone to participate in something then all the information needs to be correct,” English teacher Michelle Porter said. “If the flyers are outdated then, that organization needs to take down the flyers so one does not get his or hers’ hopes up.”