Fall concert marks choir’s first performance with new director


Lucas Barr

Senior Katharine Love practices her concert pieces in the choir room.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-chief

Choir makes its debut this school year with their fall concert hosted Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The concert also marks choir’s first performance under the new director Toni Ugolini.

“I’m looking forward to putting all our hard work out there, we’ve been working really hard since the beginning of the year so it’s exciting to share that with people,” junior Kia Dunlop said. “With Ms. Ugolini being new this year it has been very different, but all positive. She’s hardworking and she makes us work really hard as well which I think has shown in our rehearsals, and I know that will be shown tonight.”

Prior to leading the choir and teaching music theory on campus, Ugolini taught choir on the middle school level.

“This is similar to doing middle school choir, and there is a lot more music polishing that you’re able to do that you’re not able to with the younger kids,” Ugolini said. “We’ve got some songs by really old dead people, some songs in foreign languages, some spiritual songs, a really good mixture. I’m just excited for everyone to hear what the students sound like.”

Songs featured at the concert include a song involving all choir students as well as a piece performed by an entirely male ensemble.

“We’ve been going through our songs in class, utilizing our rehearsal time wisely,” junior Jessie Rho said. “We have more guys this year, so I’m really excited for people to see that choir is not a joke even though we’re at the end of the hall, but we’re actually a diverse part of the fine arts program.”