Band executes clean performance in final marching show of season


Elisa Santiago

Confronted with multiple rained out football games and difficult choreography, band had its last chance to impress at the UIL marching band competition on Saturday.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-chief

Band completed their final competition of the year at John Clark Stadium in their UIL marching band event on a sunny day last Saturday in a season marked by rain and setbacks.

“I thought it was a really successful end to our year albeit some of the challenges that we faced with the rain and the missed instructional time, whether it be during class or after school rehearsals are football games, we were really kind of up against that,” percussion director Johnathan Jadvani said. “Just to get the entire show on the field for UIL was a success.”

The band received a one at the event with their program, the highest score a group can attain at a UIL competition.

“It was a show called ‘Perpetual Motion’ with the concept where we never really stop moving throughout the entire show,” Jadvani said. “We had some props that represented a Newton’s cradle; we had this kind of blurry seeing eye type effect on some of the front props and on a prop that was being unraveled the entire show, so that was kind of the idea behind the concept of this performance.”

Despite working on the program since early August, a final push to get the show in order came throughout October.

“In the past two weeks we just really pulled it all together and it came down to this weekend,” junior Ian Wang said. “It was the first time that we really performed our program, because of all the bad game weather, but we all felt good about it. It was a happy ending.”

As band has two football games left to rile up students and cheer on the team, the hardest work is behind students like junior saxophonist and oboist Kapil Rampalli.

“I enjoyed the finality of Saturday because that was the first time that we performed the full on show and I think it ended the season pretty well,” Rampalli said. “It has been a terrible season for Frisco high schools in general because it’s been pretty rainy and we’ve had to cancel rehearsals and games, so it’s been important to us to have a great final performance.”