Humanities class experiences new cultures


As part of the Humanities course, students are expected to participate in a cultural experience once a semester and write an essay reflecting on it.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

Humanities students, part of a two year course available to freshmen and sophomores in the gifted and talented program, take advantage of various cultures around the world by utilizing local events and gatherings.

As part of the class, teachers Beth Evans and Sarah Wiseman are requiring their students to complete a humanities art experience each semester with an accompanying essay to be turned in later this semester.

“We do it once each semester in our humanities classes and it gives our kids an opportunity to go out and experience have an artistic experience or a cultural experience that they haven’t had,” Evans said. “They can either go to an art museum, see a show, or go to a ballet. Or they can go to some sort of religious experience that is not from their own tradition. They’re just kind of getting a broader glimpse into some different cultures.”

Designed to help students gain a broader understanding of different cultures, freshman Cooper Ragle utilized the Greek Food Festival that took place in Dallas during mid September.

“It was really cool to see all the culture and it was really strong there,” Ragle said. “I think it is beneficial because you get to learn more about other people that you might not know much about. You just get to learn more about other people, their cultures, and maybe make new friends.”