StuCo seeks donations for games and DVDs


Dea-Mallika Divi

There are boxes in the rotunda for students to drop off games and DVDs for Frisco Family Services. The drive will continue until November 14th.

Prachurjya Shreya, Managing Editor

Most people associate Thanksgiving with big meals and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but some people don’t have the resources to enjoy luxuries many in Frisco do.
Frisco Family Services hopes to get students in the mood of giving this Thanksgiving season by collecting games and DVDs.

“Frisco Family Services sponsors families to provide a full meal for Thanksgiving along with board games and dvds to provide the families with activities to do with each other,” Student Council member Emily Madden said. “We are helping provide for those families.”

Video games are easily accessible for many high school students in Frisco; however, that is not the case for all Frisco residents.

“The affluence in Frisco is not universal as many believe,” Frisco Family Services writes on its website. “While much attention is placed on the exciting boom, Frisco has also witnessed a growing population of families who are experiencing a financial crisis. Loss of employment, medical issues, death and divorce are all contributing factors to the rise of families and individuals needing assistance.”

Student Council encourages students on campus to drop off DVDs and games before Nov. 14.

“We reached out to all the clubs on campus to donate through their clubs,” Madden said. “[Students] can drop them off in the rotunda any day before the 14th.”