#LibertyLearns as teachers try to earn the golden hashtag

In the classroom, some teachers have been putting down the pencil, and picking up the phone in order to facilitate teaching strategies. Social media is prominently used by the younger generation, but teachers around school have adopted Twitter to help enhance their learning environments.

Often led by associate principal Jon-Eric Zaier, the Twitter realm has provided a relatively new platform for Redhawk teachers to share ideas.

“I think the biggest thing we as a staff has promoted the use of social media, specifically Twitter is two fold,” Ziaer said. “One were trying to be able to tell the class story around campus about all the different things we are providing and trying to promote at liberty. the other piece is were trying to encourage our teachers to be active in developing their plan…they can draw strategies and uses in classroom from around the world.”

To help encourage twitter use among the staff, the school has created  the golden hashtag: a prize awarded to the teacher exhibiting the best activity on social media each month. The reigning golden hashtag winner, patricia flores, sees twitter as a way to  connect with teachers and students.

“It just helps us share ideas involving technology, campus development ideas, sharing our best practices and finding inspiration,” Spanish teacher Patricia Flores said. “It’s about sharing ideas and having a voice out there, too.”

The online connection amongst teachers has translated into a real life database for inter-teacher communication.

In a school our size, we very rarely get a chance to interact with teachers across all departments,” Ziaer said. “Not only is it convenient but it helps see how to develop strategies in your own classroom.”

While the teachers have their own social media network, the effects of their activity can lead to student inspiration.

“Helping them get connected and helping them use the language I think is great,” Flores said. “And I get kudos from students over the Twitter, too, so it’s just a great way to highlight what they are doing.”