Spanish students create customized class contracts


Kasey Harvey

Allowing students such as sophomore Carson Connor to have say in how their class will operate, Spanish I teacher Kristen Kubic works with Connor during class on Monday, Dec. 17, 2018.

Trisha Dasgupta, Guest Contributor

Though the end of the semester is Friday, students in Spanish I are implementing a new class system involving customized class contracts just in time for the new year.

“Once I got back from maternity leave I noticed that some of the student’s behaviors in the classroom wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for,” Spanish teacher Kristen Kubic said. “Many students were not taking ownership of their behavior or for their actions.”

After noticing this, she decided to turn to the students themselves, and ask them what they wanted to see changed in the class.

“I wanted to make sure different students’ voices were heard,” Kubic said. “Just kind of seeing you know, what do the students need to see in class to use their time most efficiently?”

After students were allowed to talk about what they felt like they needed in order to succeed for the class, Kubic created rules to accommodate the complaints and concerns of each class period.  

“I feel like she really tries to acknowledge everyone,” freshmen Jocelyn Watson said. “It’s hard to listen to every one of us but she really tried to.”

And though the policy is still pretty new, Kubic has already started to see changes in the class.

“It’s not perfect yet, it’s a work in progress as always, but I’m really happy with the changes I’m seeing,” Kubic said. “I think more people are taking accountability for their actions.”

The shift in behavior in the classroom hasn’t gone unnoticed by students’ either, as many of them are grateful for the new system.

“I really like the new class contract because I feel like it has helped me and my classmates realize how we can become more active participants in class discussions and keep one another on track,” sophomore Solstice Owens said via text. “It helps all the students hold themselves and each other to a higher standard.”