Joy to other worlds

Brynn Soulakis, WTV Staff Reporter

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The Winter Extravaganza consists of many different fine art aspects, but for the theatre department, they have a show that is “Out of This World”. Even though most of the school’s productions are directed by the theatre teacher, one senior student is making her directing debut in the Winter Extravaganza.

“Directing my first show has been really exciting so far, I was really excited to dive into the script with my actors, and cast the show, and really start to get into seeing the blocking and acting going on. It’s a really fun and quirky show. So, it’s been really exciting to try and be in charge of a whole show by myself. So this is for a class I’m in called ISM, which is independent study and mentorship,” senior Jordan Miller said. “The Winter Extravaganza is this really cool thing that we are doing this year, new at Liberty. So all of the fine art departments all come together to put on a big show that showcases all fine arts altogether in one.”

All rehearsals have been held at Miller’s house, and the cast and crew consists of 12 people.

“So, in Joy To Other Worlds it’s about this family who really wants to win their neighborhood Christmas light competition every year, and one year theirs is so bright that aliens see it, as a signal from Earth, and they come down to Earth because they think that Earth is attacking,” freshman Jane Wester said. “It’s interesting because it’s a cool concept, like you don’t hear ‘Oh Christmas, and Aliens!’ They don’t really go together, but it goes together really well. It’s pretty cool, and it’s funny! I like having a small cast because it’s easier to rehearse, and it’s a closer group so it’s easier to make friends.”

The production is entirely student lead, and has it’s final performance tonight in the auditorium.