Back to back wins against the Trail Blazers

Catie Reeves, Sports Editor

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It was back to winning for the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams Tuesday night at The Nest as they competed against the Lebanon Trail Blazers.

Sitting in second place in District 9-5A, the girls took their defense to a new level in the second half as they didn’t give up a single point as they cruised to a a 52-10 win, giving them a 9-1 district record.

“Every game we go out and play together and have fun which creates a high energy game,” senior Kelsey Kirak said. “We felt really confident and excited about where we’re at right now coming out of the game last night.”

The boys also extinguished the competition with a 77-46 win over the Blazers, leaving them in third place in District 9-5A.

“I think that we never should take the competition lightly,” junior Zach Bishop said. “We came together last night and did what we had to do to put points up and I think that we just keep getting better as a team, there is more fluidity each game.”