Seeking first District 9-5A wins, soccer takes on Heritage


Roy Nitzan

Both the boys and girls soccer teams are seeking their first district wins of the season. The girls kick off at 5:30 p.m and the boys follow at 7:15 p.m. at The Star against the Heritage Coyotes.

Aaron Boehmer, Sports Editor

Seeking a first District 9-5A win, the Redhawk soccer program looks to tame the Heritage Coyotes on Wednesday at The Star, with the girls kicking off at 5:30 p.m. and the boys to follow at 7:15 p.m.

“To prepare the girls prior to Wednesday, we are going to shake it up a bit,” girls’ head coach Elizabeth Mokler said via email. “Gave them an extra day of rest and asked that they return this week with positivity and thoughts of how we are going to play going forward, to remember their why and to play each game like it’s their last and to have fun competing.”

Driven by defeat, senior Andrea Chladny hopes to channel the team’s losses into motivation as the Redhawks look to turn their season around.

“I feel more driven by using my anger from a loss to come out at the next game and be more tenacious and aggressive,” Chladny said. “I am more focused now than previous games because we have all realized that something isn’t quite working right so we are more determined to get that win and start our season off better.”

Hoping to bring their district record to 1-2-1, boys’ head soccer coach Fred Kaiser has collaborated with the players in order to prepare prior to competition on Wednesday.

“We had one day to prepare for Wednesday’s game, they had homework over the weekend, which all the players worked on just to get them thinking about the mental aspect of the game,” Kaiser said. “Based off of their ideas and what we saw as coaches on the film, we put some of that in practice on Tuesday and we’ll continue to work on those things and improving every game.”

With District 9-5A known for its tough competitors, senior and captain CJ Nelson believes the Redhawks cannot get hung up on the outcome of each game.

“I really try to just forget about the previous game and just focus on the next one,” Nelson said. “We’re approaching it as any other game, we have a tough district so we always have to prepare hard mentally and physically for every game.”

Although having two losses and a tie, Kaiser maintains a positive outlook as the team still has majority of the season left to bounce back.

“We are still early in the season, we’ve got a lot of games left, we’ve only played three out of 18,” Kaiser said. “We have ground we need to make up, but we have time to make improvements and continue on forward. We’re on the right track and I think the players understand that.”