Youth and Government get insider’s look at state legislation process


provided by Sarah Wiseman

Traveling down to Austin for the Youth and Government state conference, Redhawks were given the chance to draft bills as well as visit the state capital. Bringing home a variety of successes, students Ananda Ghosal and Shivani Kosuri were given the chance to author two of the 12 bills signed into law for the state.

32 delegates traveled down to Austin to participate in the annual Youth and Government State Conference from Thursday through Sunday for a weekend of filing, debating, and voting on mock legislation with the school’s delegation earning top honors of Premier delegation,

Going to Austin was a really fun experience we work really hard so during the day they go to the capitol building debating bills all day,” club adviser Sarah Wiseman said. “I took my seniors out for ice cream which was a lot of fun so especially since we had 16 of them it was a great way to say goodbye.”

For sophomore Ananda Ghoshal, the passage of her bill was something she never dreamed of.

“It felt really exciting because I really didn’t think I’d come this far because it is my first year,” Ghoshal said. “I thought that it would take a lot longer to actually get to pass a bill.”

But Ghoshal believes that the real prize was the experience itself, not just her medal.

“I thought it was a really good experience, because I got to meet a lot of really cool people,” Ghoshal said. “I really can’t wait to do it again next year, and hopefully grow even more as an individual doing Youth and Government.”

Fellow delegate and freshmen Kush Gandhi had a similar outlook, as he hopes to go back to win next year.

“It was great first experience and being surrounded by like minded people was truly amazing,” Gandhi said. “I want to come back next year, and hopefully win distinguished then.”

While Gandhi enjoyed the ability to meet with delegates of similar views, club president Brayden Miller believes that the opportunity to debate opposing viewpoints is also valuable.

I think the importance of Youth and Government comes from actually getting involved in civic participation and actually making your voice heard that really matters to us,”

— club president Brayden Miller

“I think the importance of Youth and Government comes from actually getting involved in civic participation and actually making your voice heard that really matters to us,” Miller said. “Throughout the entire conference we don’t only debate the bills we’re passionate about personally but we also get to speak on views from other people all across Texas that they are passionate about and the issues they made bills about”

As many look forward to next year’s competing season, senior delegates realize that the conference marked their last stop in their Youth and Government careers.

“I really focused on passing my bill into committee and debating in the Senate Chambers as a Senator to live my final moments doing what Youth and Gov is really about,” senior Haniah Bashir said via text. “I also spent a lot of time creating memories with my senior friends as the State conference is one of the last trips we all take before graduating. It was definitely a bittersweet experience.”