Simple yet addicting, Reroll is Switch satisfaction


Nintendo Switch

A fully fledged Katamari game is on the market for the Nintendo Switch. The game follows the Prince of All Creation as he rolls up items in his Katamari and allows players to roll up the items and shoot them into space.

Aden Mcclune, Guest Contributor

This game is, interesting. Finally, a fully-fledged Katamari game for the Nintendo Switch. For those who don’t know, the Katamari series follows the Prince of All Creation, rolling up things in his Katamari (a weird sticky ball thingy) to make balls, and those are shot into the sky by The King Of All Creation, usually to correct his mistake of breaking something in the Universe.

In Katamari Demacy: Reroll, The King has knocked out all the stars from Earth and it’s your job as The Prince to go down to Earth, roll up the mess, and shoot it back out into space.

I hate when people use this word to put an adjective to describe a game, but Katamari is simple. It’s addicting. It is simply so satisfying to run around with your ball and roll up little objects, and watch it grow and eventually scoop up massive things, like dogs, or clipboards, or crabs.

The controls are a bit wonky to get used to at first, but you warm up to them with practice. You control the camera with both thumbsticks at once, as well as movement. It takes time getting used to, so if you’re not very coordinated, take it slowly and with patience.

The levels have clear progression, and it feels wonderful when you are finally large enough to roll up something you couldn’t before. It is very easy to disrupt your flow and speed by hitting something, so you need to pay a lot of attention to how fast you are going at all times, and which direction you’re going.

If you’re looking for a weird Japanese game to pass the time with, then this is for you.