Relaying last year’s success, track races into 2019 season


Roy Nitzan

As the first track meet of the 2019 season, Redhawks gear up to take on Mckinney North and Prosper on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019.

Cori Ross, Guest Contributor

Launching into its 2019 season, the Redhawk track and field program heads northeast on Thursday, with the girls competing in a tri-meet against McKinney North and Prosper and the boys participating in a practice meet at McKinney North High School.

“My hopes for this season are to see my athletes times improve,” girls’ head coach Amanda Zambiasi said. “I want them to be able to see their growth strength and running wise. I do think that the team is ready, of course that doesn’t mean that I’ll make the practices any easier, it just means that I know that everyone is capable of what is to come.”

Hoping to strengthen team chemistry, freshman Doris Naderi sees the meet as a place to connect with her teammates.

“I’m looking forward to spending more time with the team,” Naderi said. “They’re very supportive and many of them are graduating next year so now is my only chance to create a bond with them.”

While athletes participate in school practices throughout the week, some also take part in out of school practices and competitions.

“I know a lot of the upperclassmen go to out of school training and are on other traveling teams [and] there are freshman who do the same,” sophomore Tamia Harrison said.

Feelings for the new season vary, with newcomers and freshman eager to get on the track against other schools.

“I am excited to finally start running at the high school level, but I’m worried about getting hurt and just not being good enough,” freshman Peyton McGarrh said. “I know it’s going to be more advanced than middle school, the practices already prove that but it’s still something new to me.”