Key Club delivers Valentine’s cheer


Key Club President Saahithi Joopelli delivers carnations to students. All sales money will be doubled by Key Club and donated to UNICEF.

Kanz Bitar, Guest Contributor

Dozens of students on campus were surprised with Valentine’s Day carnations on Friday as Key Club and UNICEF sold and delivered flowers to raise money for children in need.

“It’s more of a UNICEF fundraiser as well,” Key Club officer Sneha Sundar said. “We’re actually going to donate the profits that we make to UNICEF so they can hand it off to children all around the world.”

Key Club sold approximately 350 carnations but will be giving UNICEF more than that.

“So for every carnation, even though it costs a $1, there is going to be $2 donated for every carnation to UNICEF which will then go to the organization for children,” Key Club sponsor Jamie Berendt said.

Senior Amina Syeda thinks the fundraiser is a nice way to give thanks and love to friends.

“I really like the idea of carnations,” she said. “It’s a way of saying thank you to your friends and also it’s a good way to be raising money for a good cause.”