Apple closing two stores closest to campus


Roy Nitzan

With Apple closing the two closest stores to campus, Apple users will have to drive to the Dallas Galleria. Both stores at the Stonebriar Centre and Willow Bend will close due to the the opening of the store in the Dallas Galleria

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-Chief

Apple users are going to have drive a little farther starting in April after the company announced on Friday that it will be closing its two closest stores: Stonebriar Centre and Willow Bend in favor of a new store.

“With a new Dallas store coming in the Dallas Galleria this April, we’ve made the decision to consolidate stores,” an Apple statement said in the Dallas Morning News.

Less than six miles from campus, the Stonebriar Centre location made for a relatively quick trip, the new location is nearly 20 miles away.

“I think it is really inconvenient because I have to drive so far which will waste all my gas and especially with the traffic, it will take forever to get to the Galleria,” junior Camryn Enloe said. “Everyone’s going to going to that one Apple store since there is not as many open closer to us.”