Chasing down biology information


Caroline Attmore

In preparation for the on-level and pre-AP biology evolution and ecology test, students went on a Goose Chase to study the material on the exam. The activity is a fun way of studying that was hung around the halls of the school.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Preparations for the on-level and pre-AP biology evolution and ecology test has begun as teachers prepared missions for their students on the Goose Chase app.

“Goose chase is this website/app where we set up a bunch of missions for them to go around the school, it helps them to review for what we’re talking about in class right now,” biology teacher Richard Sabatier said. “So they’re about to take their test on evolution and ecologies. Some of the missions on the app require them to post videos, answer questions, it’s just has them running around trying to solve the answers.”

Sabatier says the goose chase is an effective way of reviewing because it creates different ways for students to gain knowledge.

“It’s really effective as a review because they’ve already seen it and they’re having to demonstrate the knowledge to us in a variety of different ways,” Sabatier said. “Some are based on text, some are based on multiple choice, some are pictures, some are videos. So they’re hitting it from all angles. It’s fun and it’s engaging and you get to walk around and make goofy videos about evolution, it keeps them interested.”

For fellow biology teacher Mattison Cantrell, it’s better than sitting at a desk.

“It’s hands-on and they’re not just sitting there doing a project,” Cantrell said. “This initiates kinetic learning styles, I think is always more effective then just sitting there.

Although freshman Nour Bitar thought the project was fun, it’s usefulness was questioned.

“I like the fact that we get to walk around with our friends but I don’t really think that it’s helpful,” Bitar said. “We just walk around and solve question, when in fact I think that it would be more beneficial to study on my own or in a small group.”

However, freshman Nadia Dent thinks projects like goose chase are a good way to prepare for tests.

“I think projects like these help prepare me for a test,” Dent said. They give you a different way to look at it.”