Once a “waste of time”, video games lead to career possibilities

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 The growth and popularity of modern day gaming has turned a simple hobby to a possible career.

Video games were once a simple pastime: something to play when you’re bored or have time to kill.

“When I was a child it’s different because a lot of the games are on consoles so if you had a tv have to go to your friend’s house and you could go play together and with one monitor,” biology teacher Chris Ham said. “Nowadays it’s similar but it’s done online you can play with your friends but you don’t have to go over to your friend’s house you can all just meet online so the social part of it is still there but you don’t have to be together.”

Now, they’ve evolved into paid careers and even social media fame with some gamers earning as much as 2.7 million a year.

“There’s definitely enough people have made it a legitimate career like their professional players that make six figures a year from sponsorships and streaming on twitch,” junior Lakshya Sharma said.

Since the increasing popularity of social media as a career platform, many video gamers have been able to kickstart a business and grow.

“Gaming it’s definitely a legitimate career think of it like sports so you have the actual athletes and the actual players,” Ham said. “Then there’s everything else that surrounds it it’s like a big field of broadcasting you could be a caster you can be a marketer to be an advertiser the whole field just like the whole tv producing part is just like the exact same thing.”

Nowadays in our changing society, new career possibilities are opening up, with pro-gaming as one of them.

“I didn’t nowadays like in our society there’s no traditional job like yours people who do a wide variety of things,” Sharma said. You can do whatever you want now like that’s what they were raising kids to think.”