Tracking their volunteer hours at the Isbell Carnival


Cori Ross

Aside from earning volunteer hours, the track team made their way to Isbell Elementary for their annual carnival on Friday, March 22. Hoping to please the children, athletes were stationed around the campus to help out.

Cori Ross, Guest Contributor

Elementary school carnivals may not be cool for high school students, but numerous Redhawk athletes were on hand Friday at Isbell Elementary with the girls’ track team there in full force.

“I think the carnival is a really fun opportunity to give back to the community because I know that this elementary school has been doing this for many years and it’s a fun tradition that students and alumni look forward too, and staff,” long-distance runner, junior Amelia Jauregui said. “I really think that being able to incorporate these sports such as track, football, volleyball and all of these other things. I think it’s really awesome we get to help these kids have fun.”

Beyond earning volunteer hours, the track team tried to put smiles on all of the students’ faces, and take stress off of adult helpers.

“We had stations set up for each specific sport,” sprinter, sophomore Kalandria Rodgers said. “But it was more about having fun after we got to our places and even interacting with other teams.”

Working with the kids not only benefited families but the athletes as well.

“I really hope we just take away the fun aspect of tonight because we don’t get that many team outings besides meets,” sprinter, freshman Nina Wright said. “So I really hope we can bond and really just help the community have a love for track.”