Dance hosts choreography showcase

Ivana Ljeskovic

Ivana Ljeskovic, WTV Staff Reporter

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As most students are preparing for end of the year exams, dance students are gearing up to put on a performance tonight, one they prepared all by themselves.

Dance students on campus have been learning and perfecting their talents all year and now they get to showcase what they’ve been working on.

“The purpose of our choreography showcase is to give students the opportunity to choreograph a piece that suits them, in a style they really enjoy,” dance teacher Maria Gonzalez said. “They’re able to work with partners, small groups or on their own. The last component of this is performing and providing students an opportunity to really shine and feel that show-like atmosphere. This year’s show is very casual, it will be very informal, but it is still an opportunity to get up there and perform.Out of the performance itself, students can achieve a few things. The first,and to me the biggest one is throwing yourself out there in front of an audience and overcoming any personal fears or anything that’s in that personal headspace that says i can’t perform in front of others, or maybe i shouldn’t perform in front of others.”

Students are excited to try something new and shed some of their stage fright.

“I’ve given a few performances before but I’m a little nervous for this one because it’s in the auditorium and I don’t know who’s going to be there, obviously my mom might show up,” freshman Anisya Nair said. “But I’m also really excited that we get to showcase our talents and what we’ve learned in dance. The thing I enjoyed most about doing this entire process was getting to work with my friends, because we got to try out different styles and different formations.”

The showcase is Monday at 6 p.m. in the auditorium and admission is free.