State one step closer for track and field athletes

Area Meet Tuesday at Lovejoy High School



After finishing in second place in the District 9-5A track meet, both the girls’ and boys’ teams have multiple athletes taking part in Tuesday’s Area Meet at Lovejoy High School.

Aaron Boehmer, Sports Editor

Making a run for regionals, more than a dozen Redhawk track and field athletes are competing  in Tuesday’s area meet at Lovejoy High School.

“Not only have we had a successful season so far, but after getting second in district, our team has been looking forward to going further,” junior Andrea Leyva-Montiel said. “I am confident in the performances that will be given at area, and I trust our team.”

After intense practices throughout the year, junior Keavon Wright is confident that the boys’ team will show up against its opponents during the area meet.

“I’m feeling pretty good about the meet; I’m confident that we’ll place top 3 in the 4×200,” he said. “The coaches have been killing it during practice and I think that got us through the year.”

Looking ahead to next year, Leyva-Montiel is determined to improve her skills.

“This year has been critical for me,” Leyva-Montiel said. “Since we are losing vital athletes next year, our team will be much smaller in size. I am focusing on pushing myself as much as possible in order to succeed in the 4×1 and 4×4. Starting this summer, I will be focusing on my individual performance for the upcoming summer, indoor, and school seasons.”