Weather delays baseball and softball


Roy Nitzan

The recent weather has delayed softball and baseball games. Players are looking forward to the games.

Aaron Boehmer, Sports Editor

Wet field conditions delayed Thursday’s home softball and baseball games against Lebanon Trail with both teams looking to build winning streaks.

“I’m really excited, we did really well against Heritage on Tuesday and played really well against Independence on Friday, so I think that we are going to come out and beat Lebanon Trail,” assistant coach Kristin Lynch said. “We have quite a few that have come back from injury, really it’s just about getting healthy and working on hitting because that’s where we struggled last game.”  

Coming off of a 3-1 win against the Trail Blazers on Tuesday, sophomore Owen Archer is confident that the Redhawks will come out on top, not matter when the two teams face off.  

Pl“I feel we are ready and determined to win against Lebanon again,” sophomore Owen Archer said. “We have been practicing to play well, and I think we are ready for Lebanon Trail whenever we play them.”