Traditional gift helps bring Red Rhythm careers to a close


provided by Red Rhythm

As a farewell to the seniors in Red Rhythm, underclassmen and juniors will be decorating hat boxes. They will be giving them the hat boxes at Saturday's Spring Show as gifts.

Sydney Bishop, Guest Contributor

Red Rhythm underclassmen and juniors are saying goodbye to seniors by decorating their Red Rhythm hat boxes and giving them as gifts at Saturday’s Spring Show.

“A hat box is essentially a big round box that you keep hats in,” freshman line member Melia Terry said. “But we plan to make it so much more than that. It’s an annual gift for the seniors that us underclassmen decorate with photos, glitter and all sorts of crafting supplies. It’s something that they can keep and cherish forever.”

Each box is designed with the recipient in mind and leaves the seniors with a tangible memory of their time with Red Rhythm.

“I’d say the best part about the tradition is seeing how creative the girls can be,” Red Rhythm social officer, senior Haley Hammons said. “I will feel appreciation and how once I get mine, because it is such an exciting moment. It’s my final gift from the team!”

The yearly tradition goes beyond a box, with senior Lauren Johnson already thinking about what she will do with hers.

“I plan to keep my hat box with me throughout the course of life,” Johnson said. “It will probably have a designated spot on my dresser.”

This weekend’s Spring Show is the final performance of the school year for Red Rhythm, and the hat boxes help seniors cement their time with the drill team.

“This tradition is so important, because it is such an appropriate way to close a chapter,” senior line member Vaish Anna said. “You don’t just leave Red Rhythm empty handed, you get to leave with a symbol of the sisterhood it created for you too.”