Chasing circles, geometry students leave the classroom


Kasey Harvey

Taking what they learned in class outside of the classroom, geometry students are participating in an activity using the app Goosechase. This activity is designed to engage students and review their unit on circles.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-Chief

Using the app Goosechase, geometry students are took steps out of the classroom on Tuesday Wednesday to review the circles unit this week.

“The Goosechase helps get the kids up and moving which has shown that it gets your brain working more when you’re up and moving,” Pre-AP geometry teacher Jennifer Harrison said. “It gives them a chance to get out of the classroom, and to interact because some of the questions tell them they have to explain things and I have to talk to other people.”

Happy to have the chance to get of the classroom, sophomore Kirin Parikh likes the project’s engagement.

“You’re not as zoned out and that you’re actually having to go and find stuff,” Parikh said. “You’re more engaged in the project.”

Going around the entire school to solve problems and follow a ‘Goosechase’, freshman Simon Nagles also sees the change in brain function.

“It helps you learn because as you’re moving it, the way your brain functions begins to change, so you might retain the information that you’re gathering better,” Nagles said. “Also, I think it’s better because, it’s self guided. So you have to figure out the problems for your own.”