The uncategorized feminist


Kasey Harvey

Marches such as the one in San Antonio on March 2 celebrating International Women's Day have popped up all over the country. Guest Contributor Sydney Glover gives her thoughts on feminism and women's equality in the future.

Sydney Glover, Guest Contributor

As I started to mature and develop an understanding of the world, I have become more mindful of the differing standards for women and men. My irritability regarding the topic began younger than most and it wasn’t something I talked about often.

The media does a lot to help spread the feminist movement, but at the same time is often seen as a joke. In middle school, most of the kids my age went along with the feminist jokes leaving me to not be open about my beliefs. Going into high school I’ve been more vocal about my opinions and have even inspired some of my friends to do the same.

Something that I’ve been thinking about often recently is the whole patriarchal issue that comes with feminism. Identifying yourself as a feminist doesn’t mean you are ‘anti-male.’ In fact I am often excited to hear about men who are supportive and active within the movement. Equality is hard topic because it can be seen as a power struggle, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a fight for dominance.

Just like most things, feminism and claiming to be a feminist has it’s stereotypes. Having the title of a feminist doesn’t affect your personality, level of intelligence, sexual orientation, or your financial status.

Anyone from any background can share the same values and hopes for the future. The prideful independent female that is often pictured when hearing feminism isn’t always the reality. We are all different and calling yourself a feminist doesn’t push you into a category.

Currently there has been so much done on the behalf of women’s equal rights. We still have a ways to go, but with all the milestones reached involving jobs, pay, and expectations I’m confident that there is a great future for women everywhere.