2019-2020 tryouts for Color Guard begin Monday


Vinanti Vemulapalli

With winterguard in full swing, the team will enter the Wolverine den for the NTCA competition at Wakeland High School. Sitting before a panel of judges, the team will get to see if their work will pay off on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020.

Yael Even, Staff Reporter

Color Guard is ready to leap into next year as tryouts for the 2019-20 season begin Monday after school.  

Color Guard director Scott Mills is not only looking for individuals who like to dance, but also those with a good attitude.

“As far as what we’re looking for in new members, it’s really just a willingness to try new things and a great positive attitude,” Mills said. “Color Guard is one of those things that unless you’ve done it, you’ve never really done it. So, we always try to give everybody the chance to really learn and grow and really it only takes the ability to not be afraid to try new things and just step outside the box.”

With her final year on Color Guard coming to an end, senior Sydney Graff has simple advice for those trying out.

“Honestly, just breathe,” Graff said. “We will take anyone willing to put effort in. There is nothing to stress about, just breathe, and do your best.”

Beyond learning new skills, sophomore Kimberly Nguyen likes the environment color guard provided for her.

“Color Guard is a really fun place where you get to make a group of friends and it’s like a community and it’s a place where you belong in the high school,” Nguyen said. “Guard is really fun cause in the fall season, we go with our marching band to competitions.”