Generic over gourmet

Ben Anderson

Very few students get the chance to eat food from a well renowned chef, let alone eat it everyday.

However, one student prefers the basics over gourmet meals.

Many teenagers prefer basic food such as TV dinners and Hot Pockets over the meals their families cook for them.

However, unlike most students, senior Lexi Wilcox’s father, Tre, has racked up accolades in the cooking world most chefs dream of.

“I started executive chefing at some Dallas restaurants Marque Grill, Abacus, I was a great chef and I got a lot of accolades and that’s what got shows like Top Chef and Beat Bobby Flay  calling,” Tre said. “They want those real chefs, not the guys trying out that makes their show seem more relevant.”

Even though her dad has appeared on TV shows and has been deemed a top chef in the industry, Lexi often prefers what many teenagers deem tastier.

“On a good day I would probably choose one of my dad’s meals, but like if i don’t feel like eating a big meal I would chose a Hot Pocket,” Lexi said. “I like hot pockets because it’s fast and it’s good instead of sitting there and making a full course meal all you have to do is put it in the microwave and it’s good to go”

While Tre likes cooking for Lexi, he’s not offended by her enjoyment of basic frozen foods.

“Teenagers, especially their palets change and what they like to eat change,” Tre said. “She went from a time where she was like 11-15 where she had meals in the fridge labeled Alexis’ Tuesday dinner and all she had to do was nuke it and she was good to go. It was the same stuff I grew up on except a little more gourmet; protein, starch, vegetables, but it all started to change around 16. I don’t know if it was cafeteria food or just eating out with friends but it all kinda changed and she started enjoying Chick-fil-A and ball games at the school where she is eating concession foods. Now Alexis lives off of Swanson TV dinners and Hot Pockets and it been quite interesting if anybody in the industry heard I was feeding my daughter this they would be like what? But I understand it. I was a teenager too the same thing at the end of the day I just want her to eat she is a healthy girl so if Hot Pockets is what she is gonna eat then I’ll feed her Hot Pockets.”

Even though Lexi prefers the basics over the gourmet food her dad prepares, cooking is something the two bond over.

Cooking makes us talk more and come together because we have something to talk about and it just allows us to talk about stuff,” Lexi said. “I still talk to him about mostly everything and we have our little sit down talks when we are cooking or eating dinner we will just talk about what is going on.”

“Kids get older they tend to develop their own interest and want to stay in their own cliquess cooking in a kitchen has always been a time where it’s easy for me and her to talk,” Lexi said. “It started early for her. She would be picking herbs off of a stem these things she was doing when she was seven maybe eight years old easy things for her to do while maintaining a conversation. Now that she is 17, 18 she can do a bunch of things and hold a conversation and it is really easy for a kid to open up and talk while they are cooking.”