A new way of learning

Kavya Srinivas, WTV Staff Reporter

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Students in medical terminology are changing up their learning atmosphere, by creating board games for other students to play.

To better help students understand their unit, they were responsible to create a board game that appeals to others and help their classmates learn the unit.

“They had to come up with the board game concept, and the rules, plus the game pieces,” medical terminology teacher Laura Stubblefield said. “They had to come up with all the questions, research the game and everything. It was collaborative within the groups, it reinforced learning because everyone then got to go and play everyone else’s games. It was a fun and interactive change for students, because the more fun they have, they learn better, they remember it better.”

The purpose of this assignment is to create a fun learning environment, allowing students to memorize the concepts easily.

“While making our games we were able to search up random facts, and very detailed questions that really challenged the players of the game, and what they had to do,” sophomore Hari Kamal said. “For example there was a question about how many cells are in this organ and it’s a really random fact, and it really pushed us to think. There were key concepts we have in our game, that really helped us review for the test. This was really good because it’s not the ordinary things we do in class like get the test review and do it. Instead, we got to do it in an interactive way, and this really helped me in my education and in my work and learning.”