Athletic physicals offered on campus Friday


Hallie Hunter

Tomorrow athletic physicals will be offered at the school.

Aaron Boehmer, Sports Editor

Getting the chance to save time and money, the athletics department is helping athletes prepare for the 2019-20 sports year by providing physicals on campus Friday from 2:30-6:00 p.m.

To receive a new physical, students need to bring $15, as well as any, and all UIL medical history and physical forms.  

“I think it’s important because it gives them the opportunity to get their physicals that they are required to have for athletics in order to play,” volleyball coach Chantel Stewart said. “It makes sure that they are healthy and fit enough to be able to participate and prevent anything from happening in the future, if they catch it now.”

Not having to miss school to go to the doctor’s office, on campus physicals are more convenient for sophomore soccer player Emily Chladny.

“It saves money and time because you don’t have to go to the doctor and miss school,” Chladny said. “It just helps me check up on how I’m doing, and makes sure if anything happened the year before, it can be taken care of in the year to come.”