Summer not the end of school for some


Kasey Harvey

Registration for summer schools opened Monday May, 4. Through these classes, students across the district have the chance to get credits for advancement or credit recovery.

Ava Peinhart, Staff Reporter

Though the school year ends Thursday, some students are in the process of signing up for classes over the summer with Liberty and Reedy High School being this year’s Frisco ISD summer school locations, with classes beginning June 11.

For junior Mishal Sayyid, summer school allows for a chance to knock some mandatory credits out before the start of the next school year.

“I’ve never taken a summer class before, but I have heard a lot of positive things about it from friend,” Sayyid said. “I think it’s great that the district already offers classes most of the mandatory credits like health, PE, and speech, but I think it would be great if they tried to incorporate more electives that students maybe don’t get the chance to add to their schedules.”

As for other students, most associate summer school with having to make up a class that was failed, but the variety of options proves that assumption wrong.

“Summer school is a really good way to get classes done that may be required for graduation or are prerequisites for other classes,” junior Jasmine Culilap said. “With those credits completed, there’s more room in your schedule, so people can choose to take classes they want.”

While it may not be students’ first option, summer school proves to be an efficient way to make a high school experience more personal.

“I would definitely encourage other students to take summer classes,” Sayyid said. “Not only does it let your complete work at your own pace, but it frees up plenty of space in your schedule to take classes you are actually interested in. A class like speech would take up a semester’s worth of space in your schedule. If kids feel as though they are already somewhat confident in the material, then they can take the summer class for speech and instead take a class like AP psychology or sociology.”