Featured Athlete: Jacob Lin

Grade: 11 | Sport: Swimming

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Featured Athlete: Jacob Lin

Wingspan: What inspired you to start swimming?

Lin: “My mom wanted me to not continue being in a contact sport so she put me in swimming.”

Wingspan: What keeps you motivated to stay in swimming?

Lin: “I have big goals and I am continuing to work to achieve them.”

Wingspan: What is the most difficult thing about swimming?

Lin: “Everything. The water drags you down, it’s hard cardio, and you have to be mentally tough. I consider swimming and gymnastics to be the hardest sports.”

Wingspan: What is the biggest benefit of swimming?

Lin: “That’s a good question. I’d say improved physical appearance but besides that, I’m not really sure.”

Wingspan: What is it like being on a team?

Lin: “It’s really nice, you get to hang out with the people there a lot because you practice with them all the time. You really develop strong friendships.”

Wingspan: What pumps you up or motivates you before competitions?

Lin: “Usually the music I listen to pumps me up or if I’m feeling really good I’ll be pumped up to race.”

Wingspan: What is your pregame ritual?

Lin: “Usually before I step up I like slap my muscles, and once I step up I say something to myself to mentally prepare myself. “