A new way to pay

OnlineSchoolFees and SchoolCafé replace MPP


Aaron Boehmer

Frisco ISD has switched over from MyPaymentsPlus to SchoolCafé and OnlineSchoolFees for the 2019-20 school year. Splitting payments into two websites allows students and parents to decipher between meal accounts and other campus fees.

Aaron Boehmer, Managing Editor

Convenience is at the fingertips of every parent and student across the district, as Frisco ISD makes the switch from MyPaymentsPlus to SchoolCafé and OnlineSchoolFees for online payments for the 2019-20 school year. 

“SchoolCafé and OnlineSchoolFees will reduce processing fees for debit and credit card transactions and provide a free payment option using electronic checks,” campus financial secretary Tammy Hart said. “No one likes paying processing fees, so this is a nice addition.” 

Junior Anastasiya Liaskouskaya believes there is an advantage to SchoolCafé keeping track of student meal accounts, while OnlineSchoolFees manages other campus fees. 

“Instead of having payments all in one place, parents are far less likely to get confused or not be able to find their child’s specific payment needs if it’s separated into new websites,” Liaskouskaya said. “In 2019, everyone lives fast-paced lives and by separating the payment programs, parents and students can pay for school related things without worrying about errors.” 

Being a parent herself, Hart favors the new programs as opposed to the old. 

“I really like the new OnlineSchoolFees website much better,” Hart said. “It is very user friendly. Parents no longer have to worry about if money goes into a meal account or general account like before.”