Smile or not, it’s time for yearbook and student ID pictures


Dea-Malika Divi

On Monday and Tuesday underclassmen will be taking their school pictures during their english classes. Students are expected to dress appropriately and avoid wearing green in order to not clash with the screen.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

School pictures for underclassmen are going to be taken Monday and Tuesday during English classes. 

The pictures are for both the yearbook and school ID’s that will be passed out about two weeks after picture day. 

“My pictures generally don’t look good,” freshman Thanmayi Bommu said. “But since it’s high school these are a bigger deal.”

Senior will also take their student ID pictures on Monday or Tuesday, however, a trip to Southern Images Photography by Sept. 30 is required for yearbook pictures.

“We got to experience getting our pictures taken in an actual photo studio,” senior Shriya Bellur said. “We also got to choose which photo we wanted for the yearbook rather than having two pictures taken and the photographers themselves choosing a photo.”