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Cinema Summaries

Eden Brim

Cinema Summaries

September 23, 2019

Cinema Summaries is a new blog that will cover all things cinema: reviews, upcoming films, and movie news. With new updates multiple times every week, make sure to check back in for the latest in movie entertainment.

American Psycho

In this thrilling, drama, Patrick Bateman, played by actor Christian Bale, leads us through a rollercoaster of a ride, as we see him live a double life between a stubborn businessman by day, and a dangerous serial killer by night. 

This movie was released on April 14, 2000 and has been around for nearly 2 decades, continuing to shock people with it’s horrific violence and an easy storyline. 

If you haven’t seen this movie and you plan to see it, I suggest you don’t read the following as it may spoil some of the film.

American Psycho is definitely not a movie for young children or kids for that matter, as it is very violent and additionally has a very inappropriate scenes in addition to all the deaths.

Patrick Bateman continues to lure in his victims, and bring him to his room where he then uses music to get the victims distracted, so he can then kill his prey.

In one of the final scenes of the movie, Bateman goes on a rampage and begins to kill everyone inside. He uses guns and knives and basically anything possible to make sure the people he saw would not be breathing in a few minutes.

He ended up hiding in one of his apartments and is fearing the fact that he’s being chased by police and helicopters in hopes of capturing him. And this time he calls his lawyer and confesses to all the horrific things he had done throughout the entirety of the film. This man is going insane and you can tell how much he’s affected by what he’s done and the guilt is catching up to him.

I mean, guilt is a strong word for such an angry man, because instead of guilt this man was more willing to admit his wrong doings but also confessed to the fact that he enjoyed doing so.

The movie then cuts to him the following day at breakfast  in his business suit, talking to the men who in theory, look just like him.

Bateman sees his lawyer from across the room in the same restaurant that he was in and runs over to him. The lawyer laughs and jokes about how funny his phone call was in that it was a very good prank. He didn’t understand that Bateman had really done that.

In the end, you are stuck between two thoughts; the thought that Bateman is this mass murderer and evil serial killer, or the thought that it was all in his head and nothing really happened. I guess in either context, this makes Bateman an American Psycho. 


With the official trailer posted over a month ago, the Joker premiere has been highly anticipated by many all over the world. But before I go into more detail, there may be spoilers in this post if you are not someone who likes to research before they see movies.

Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, won the highest award honored at the Venice Film Festival in 2019. It was a shock to many that it had won The Golden Lion, as American comic book movies were never ones to win awards (much less a prestigious award like this). Film experts explain that this award is harder to earn than an Academy Award.

After learning about the Golden Lion Award, reading articles, and watching videos on the highly acclaimed movie, I was even more excited to experience this film first hand in the theater. I watched the 2 hour and 2 minute movie, and left the theater in awe, and immediately understood why it got the awards it did.

First of all, the ability for Todd Phillips to portray a movie in which fantasy and reality had extremely blurred lines. In many movies, there are very distinct transitions between what’s truly going on in the real world, and what may be a dream for the main character. In Joker, we are given situations in which you believed to be reality, when after an hour are later explained it was all a figment of his imagination. 

Secondly, the fact that this movie really took mental illness by the hands, and didn’t back down from the taboo topic it usually is. Arthur Fleck, the man who takes on the joker persona, is man struggling with multiple mental illnesses. We are not given the official names of all of them, but one is the Pseudobulbar affect, where he suffers from episodes of uncontrollable laughter. This comes into a large part of the movie, as many of his interactions with other people are affected by these episodes that Arthur experiences. 

He additionally most likely suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, as we learned more about his childhood, and the relationship he had with his mother. Learning this information about his childhood trauma, it shocks the audience as many times we feel that Arthur had a very strong relationship for his mother, as he is the primary caretaker for her as she is old and delicate. However, after learning about more of his past, we see his extremely inappropriate reaction to receiving less than comforting news about his past with his mother. 

I imagine that there are many awards in line for this film, one particularly being for phenomenal acting of Joaquin Phoenix. His jaw-dropping performance fulling diving into the character of Joker is beyond impressive. Not many actors would be able to do what he accomplished. 

Joker did a fantastic job of telling the backstory of the famous comic book villain, and tied it into his affect with the Wayne family, setting it up perfectly for the already made movies with super hero, Batman

In the end, this disturbing and violent movie broke movie barriers as it comes to talking about hard topics such as mental illness and the side effects that can come if there’s poor treatment. Phoenix will be forever remembered for his breathtaking role, and this is only the beginning for this movie as award season is still months away.

Pulp Fiction

After the release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s talents and abilities resurfaced for a new generation of movie lovers. For people like myself, I am now of an age where I can fully immerse myself into Tarantino’s storytelling and understand his use of violence in his films. 

The first film of Tarantino’s that I watched was actually Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but I immediately fell in love with his style and aesthetic, that I just had to watch more. I soon purchased a pack of 6 of his movies, and began to mark off movies one by one.

Pulp Fiction is the first Tarantino movie that I will be talking about, as it’s interwoven storyline allows for nonstop action the entire time. 

In the beginning of the movie you are introduced to the characters Vincent Velga, played by John Travolta, and Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson, having a simple conversation that seems utterly meaningless to the story as a whole. While the conversation may not be, these characters are crucial to one of the stories that are followed throughout the film.

These two men are following orders from boss man Marsellus Wallace, played by Ving Rhames, who is the person who kind of brings every story line together. In a strange turn of events, Wallce asks Vincent to take his wife, Mia, to dinner. Vincent does just as he was told, but ultimately finds himself in a situation where he gives Mia, actress Uma Thurman, an adrenaline shot to the heart. 

In addition to these individuals, you are introduced to a character named Butch, played by Bruce Willis. Is his strange story line, this man was supposed to throw a fight in return for money, but instead bet on himself and killed the man in the ring. He went against Marsellus Wallace’s back, and found him in the midst of a situation where he would find himself on the run. 

While this story may sound confusing, this isn’t even an explanation that would explain a fraction of the movie. It’s use of a non chronological storyline, with multiple interconnected stories allows for the art of film to have been taken in a completely new direction, only done well by the extremely talented Quentin Tarantino.

It’s a movie that isn’t for the faint hearted, as there’s cursing, drugs, violence, and a lot of blood, but it’s a movie I would highly suggest watching nonetheless. It’s $210 million box office profit just proves the huge success this film was, and still is 25 years later.

Frozen II

The final trailer for Frozen Two was released just a few hours ago on the official instagram of Disney. This video has over half a million views on instagram after just five hours, and is number two on trending on the Walt Disney Animation Studio official YouTube account.

These numbers will only increase as the day goes on, as the main audience for this movie are kids that are still in their everyday school routines. The trailer will be a nice treat to see for children when they arrive home from school. 

Frozen fans are excited to see the silly snowman, Olaf, and radiant reindeer, Sven, and of course the dynamic duo of Anna and Elsa. Nov. 22 couldn’t come any sooner.

With new catchy songs and an intriguing storyline, Frozen Two seems to be yet another Disney success.

IT: Chapter 2

After a long awaited two years, the children that were highly adored in late 2017, return back as adults following a 27 year hiatus of Pennywise the clown, in the newest blockbuster, It Chapter Two.

This realization that the clown was not defeated was a shock to all the kids, who are now 27 years older, living their separate lives. As a part of a pact made in the previous movie, it was agreed upon the group that they would return to their old town, Derry, Maine, in the event of  Pennywise reappearing. 

With much convincing, and a whole lot of teamwork, the gang comes back, better than ever, determined to make this the final fight with the evil clown. 

With its $35 million budget, this movie has gone on to gross $109 million in the week it has been out. This movie also has a score of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb, 63 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 58 percent on Metacritic

The original story, written by Stephen King, has made many readers happy in its turn of this classic novel into a two part movie series, especially with its more accurate representation of the book as compared to the first part.

The story ends with a majority of positive feedback, and an end to the era of Pennywise the clown.


The latest trailer for the Oct. 4 release of Joker was recently released, and in less than 24 hours, the video was the number one trending video with more than 9.2 million views. Now, the trailer is at 28 million views with less than a week on the internet. 

With the Joker’s distinct laugh and easily recognizable makeup, this psychological thriller is anticipating both high movie attendance and high box office profit. 

This famous villain is ready to be reborn through the directing of Todd Phillips, and has moviegoers highly awaiting its release in a few weeks.  

It seems that everyone is excited to see Joaquin Phoenix star as the Joker on the big screen. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home

After announcing that Spiderman may no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,  the feud between Disney and Sony has been the talk of the cinema world. Many strong opinions have been stated on social media, and even theories of how this will affect the future of the MCU have appeared all over YouTube.

While this possible change has brought more negative responses than positive, Spiderman nonetheless has been a huge topic of interest, especially with the re-releasing of the movie in theaters, this time with an extended cut. 

Spiderman: Far From Home – Extended Cut has brought a few new scenes in addition to the already well recieved movie. As a regular moviegoer who has seen both the original and extended cut, I understood why the scenes didn’t originally make it, however it was fun to see additional ideas that went through the directors heads in context to the story. 

It was also a bittersweet moment for many Marvel fans, as this could be one of the last times that we see the beloved Tom Holland as Spiderman in the Marvel world. 

Digging deeper into the controversy of the Sony vs. Disney, many people are wondering how they are going to come back from the cliff-hanger that came from Far From Home. The majority of the movies in the MCU have definitive endings, without leaving any questions open-ended. The first time we really saw Marvel try this technique was in Avengers: Infinity War, and closed with Avengers: Endgame

There was no expectation for this whole debacle between Sony and Disney, but fans are anxiously awaiting the outcome of it all. 

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

The fate of horrific events in the Tate Murders was altered in Hollywood’s newest blockbuster, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

In his ninth feature film, director Quentin Tarantino comes back to the big screen to show off the life that could have been for the Hollywood actors of the late 60’s. 

With stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, we follow the lives of famous western actor Rick Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Booth. These two fictional individuals represent typical Hollywood actors who “have it all,” which later comes into play as we are introduced to the hippies in California. Sharon Tate, played by Margot Robbie, is another famous Hollywood actress, who truly does represent a real life character.

Through character development of these three main actors, we learn more about how they live their everyday life and later understand how their relationships intertwine. As we learn more about them, we also learn more about the “hippies” who find the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood stars ridiculous, and we start to understand the tension between the two types of people.

This then leads to the shocking ending of the movie, which exhibits Tarantino’s signature of violence within movies as we see the final battle of “Hippies vs. Hollywood”. 

This two hour and forty minute movie was highly anticipated and well received by movie critics but not as liked by regular movie goers. 

Due to it’s non-traditional cinematic techniques and the story being told in an order that’s not chronological, it’s likely that people didn’t understand the style Tarantino was trying to portray on screen.

This movie received an 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes through the Tomatometer and a 70 percent through the audience score, an 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb, and an 83 percent on Metacritic. Thankfully for it’s successful box office of 239.8 million dollars, the whopping 90 million dollar budget for the movie was more than doubled in profit. 

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood showed the end to Hollywood’s golden age with the falling off of famous actors, the struggles of living in Los Angeles, and the hatred between the famous and free spirited, and shocked people with its violent, alternate reality of an unfortunate true story.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Forget about all those summer blockbusters, the recently released The Peanut Butter Falcon, starring Zachary Gottsagen, breaks cinema norms by casting a man with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability as the lead actor. 

Gottsagen is a 34 year old man, living with Down Syndrome, pursuing his dream of acting. The Peanut Butter Falcon is his newest work after parts in Bulletproof, Becoming Bulletproof, and The Homecoming: A Musical

The Peanut Butter Falcon follows the life of a man with Down Syndrome, forced to live in a retirement home. With a dream of becoming a wrestler, Zack escapes his forced living situation and finds himself on the journey of a lifetime. Throughout his journey, Zack meets Tyler, actor Shia LaBeouf, and both of them learn more about themselves and each other.

This feel good movie is highly recommended, as it has a 97 percent review on Rotten Tomatoes and and 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb

Filmed on a modest budget of $20,000, directors Tyler Nilson and Micheal Schwartz touched the hearts of most, if not all, audience members, especially appealing to those who know someone living with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability. 

The Peanut Butter Falcon, with the phenomenal acting of Zachary Gottsagen, sheds light on the lives of those who experience life a little differently, and hopefully inspires those around us to always be compassionate. 


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