FISD Memorial Stadium gets new turf


Brian Higgins

Before laying down the new turf, work crews had to pull up the old turf and resurface the area below the playing field. The work which was funded by the 2018 bond election, took several months to complete and will see its first action Friday night when the Redhawks host North Garland.

Catie Reeves , Sports Editor

New construction over the summer means fresh turf for Frisco ISD Memorial Stadium after six months of renovations took place to revamp field conditions for teams across the district. 

“In Frisco ISD, our goal is to maximize the opportunities for our students in the classroom and in extracurricular activities,” FISD Athletic Director David Kuykendall said via email. “The new turf at FISD Memorial Stadium will provide our students with a surface that can maximize their time on the field and provide a safe surface for them to practice and compete.”

Improvements began in the Spring of 2019 and were completed the week of August 26.

Brian Higgins
Rolls of the old turf at Memorial Stadium sat in the east parking lot during the turf replacement process that took place this summer. The project took months to complete and was finished in plenty of time for its 2019 debut when the Redhawks host North Garland. The new turf was funded by the 2018 bond approved by voters.

“It might make the teams a little more excited for the new season, but they were going to be very excited anyway,” Kuykendall said. “This certainly means that the students will be practicing and performing on a first-rate field, and it’s important to our District to provide students with excellent facilities as they pursue their goals in academics, athletics, and fine arts.”

Football player, senior Brandon Runge is looking forward to the upgrades for the start of season.

“The team is actually really excited because the old turf field was horrible to play on and after playing on the old field the whole team would have really bad turf burns,” Runge said. “So we are looking forward to starting off the new season on a new field.”