Academic lunch begins Wednesday


Caroline Attmore

The school's new system designed to help students complete missing work begins Wednesday. The new academic lunch takes place in the lecture hall and is assigned by teachers.

Roy Nitzan, WTV Executive Producer

Announced at the start of the 2019-20 school year, the school’s new academic lunch program kicks off Wednesday. 

The program is designed to help students complete missing work in a timely manner.

“When teachers assign work, obviously in the planning process they know that it has value to students success,” associate principal Stacy Whaling said. “We want to make sure all that work is getting completed in the quickest way possible. That way, the skills are not something that is irrelevant after a few weeks if they haven’t been completed.”

Beyond learning goals that might not be met in the classroom as a result of incomplete work, there could be other consequences as well.

“If you don’t appear at academic lunch, it’s just like lunch detention,” Whaling said. “The first time would be a day of ISS. It’s very important for students to go when they are scheduled too.”